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Kriterie Sale 2020

In 2020 the Kriterie Sale takes place at Scandic Infra City  17-19 September. The sale is Open for one-year-old Swedish borne Standardbred horses registrated in Sweden and mockinländare registrated in Sweden. The Seller has to be a member of ASVT.

NOTE: The horses should be vaccinated against equine influenza in accordance with the Swedish Trotting Associations rules (vaccination A, B and C). Vaccinations A and B at an intervall of 21-92 days and C within 3-6 month thereafter. The horses must also be vaccinated against tetanus. The vaccinations should be listed in the horse’s passports at the time of auction.

Here you can read the auction terms in English (+) Gå vidare

Here you will find registration forms for Kriterieauction (+) Gå vidare

Lowest bid: 25 000 SEK

Registration fee: 5000 SEK
Stake fee for auction races: 1 000 SEK

A commission fee of 5 % is charged the seller for the part of the purchase sum between 0 - 100.000 SEK (excluding VAT). For the part of the purchase sum above 100.000 SEK (excluding VAT) a commission fee of 3 % is charged.

If the seller buys his own horse back a commission fee of 5 % of the purchase sum is charged for purchase sums between 25.000 SEK and 300.000 SEK. For purchase sums above 300.000 SEK a commission fee of 10 % of the purchase sum is charged in case the seller buys his own horse back. For horses that are bought back by the seller or remains unsold a stake fee of 1.000 SEK per horse has to be paid.